Kamitic Gay Men's Spirituality to Heal Yourself, to Heal our Community, and to Heal the Planet





Structure of the Order of the Golden Beetle Brotherhood:


What is the Golden Beetle of Ra Gay Men’s Shamanism Program?

It is a spiritual cultivation system tailored to the needs, nature, and experiences of conscious Gay men.  It is a drug-free, alcohol-free sacred Brotherhood of spiritually minded Gay men looking for an alternative path to the divine that is based upon the wisdom and teachings of Khemet’s (Black Ancient Egypt) Gaytekeepers—the Gay Shamans of Egypt. 

Although the Golden Beetle is an African based system, it is open to Gay men of all races.  It’s objective to empower Gay men by providing them with a body of data, theological axioms, counsels, and spiritual technologies related to a way of living, which lived, enable them to receive from the Source of Being, all that is necessary for a harmonious existence.  Our motto is:

  • Amun-Ra—Mind over Matter—for the healing of ourselves, our community, and the Planet

Why is the Golden Beetle Shamanism Program only for Gay men?

Because Gay men have a unique configuration to their spirit body, and no modern religion or metaphysical path has tailored itself to speaking to this unique spiritual nature of the Gay male.  This is the reason why the Golden Beetle system was sent from the Ancestors to the world.


There are 2 divisions of training in the Golden Beetle system—the East Bank of the Nile Program, and the West Bank of the Nile Program

The East Bank of the Nile Program provides spiritual Gay men with open lectures, workshops, retreats, and training programs in various spiritual technologies of the Golden Beetle such as:

  • Meditation
  • Numerology
  • Words of Power
  • Chakra Magic
  • Shamanic Astronomy & Astrology

Men can get Mini-Certifications in these and several other spiritual counseling modules.

The West Bank of the Nile Program is a 4 year intensive initiation program delving far deeper into the African-Egyptian mysteries of the Golden Beetle.  It deals with:

  • Cosmology
  • Shamanic Psychological Theory of the 9 Spirit Bodies
  • Astral Projection
  • Afterlife Training
  • Telepathy
  • Great Words of Power
  • Dream Work
  • African Roots and Herbs
  • Bending the Elements
  • Distant Healing
  • And much, much more. 

Classes start the first day of summer—the Summer Solstice—each year.  Email us for more information.



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