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The Golden Beetle of Ra and the Way of the Uat Nefertiti:
Using Ancient Egyptian Sacred Beauty to Solve All your Life’s Problems

What is the Uat Nefertiti?

Uat” is Ancient Egyptian for “way, path”, and “Nefertiti” means “the doubly beautiful”.  The Uat Nefertiti thus refers  to using sacred, divine, external beauty—gems, jewels, perfumes, sacred art, music, colors, etc.—to activate your inner spiritual beauty, i.e., your beauty of character.  To be Nefertiti means to be beautiful on the inside and the outside.  External beauty without beauty of character, and good character without a beautiful environment create imbalance in your life.  Wholeness, i.e., true beauty, only rests in the doubly beautiful life, the life of the Uat Nefertiti.

How do I find the Road to Nefertiti:

The road to the Doubly Beautiful  Life is found through working with the divine laws of Mind over Matter.  When your smaller, human mind becomes attuned to the great, cosmic, divine mind, it has the power to move the Universe to make miracles happen.  Such a mind, filled with the beauty of divine consciousness, will manifest a life overflowing with material beauty and abundance.

How do I activate the Doubly Beautiful Life:

It is very simple.  There are only 18 Divine Laws of controlling Mind over Matter—no more, no less—and only 4 simple methods for activating them:

  • Correct Thoughts
  • Correct Imagineering (using divine images for engineering the pictures in your imagination)
  • Correct Energies
  • Correct Timing

By simply contemplating the 18 Divine Laws and taking a few moments to use them to  empower your thoughts, imagination, energies, and timing, the Uat Nefertiti will easily open to you.

The benefits of living the Way of the Doubly Beautiful Life:

Once you master the 18 Laws and their 4 activation methods, then all the beauty and success of both the material and the spiritual worlds are yours to enjoy.


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